Braulio Morales is a Chilean musician with hemiparesis. He is a keyboardist and session designer and music producer of Synthwave, Astrometal, Rock, Metal, Prog. Rock and Prog. Metal. He has worked with various artists and bands both nationally and internationally.

2 New Singles by The Morales in the album "Paralympics" in partnership with NGO "Can-Do Musos" & Music Label "MediaTracks Records" from UK
is out now!

Looking to infuse your Paralympics/Olympics productions with authenticity and inspiration? Check out our "Paralympics" album. Crafted by artists with diverse disabilities in collaboration with charities "Carousel" and "Can Do Musos", each track tells a story of resilience and triumph.

The Morales write 2 synthwave song for this album called "Pulse Of Triumph" and "Ascending".

New remixes
is out now

SECRETS OF PLANET HELIOS is the fourth and most powerful full lenght album so far from Toxxic Project. A new Spacewave delivery by this talented producer and DJ based in Mexico City, fuelled with 9 new songs, 2 of them co-produced by Aeronexus (UK) and Dug Masters (Mexico), plus 6 killer remixes by Max Project (Argentina), Fraver (Ukraine), U.F.O 1982 (Peru), Timedriver (Poland) and The Morales (Chile).

The Morales Remixes the songs "Sentinels" and "Crystal Sands".

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New soundpack
is out now

This sound pack for FA Series by Roland® contains 7 studio sets with a total of 32 new sounds inspired by some songs from the legendary synthwave artist Kavinsky.

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Braulio Morales release tour

CharlesBlack & Harbor City

Pub Punto de Encuentro, Barrio Ingles, Coquimbo, Chile


Kavistano & CharlesBlack

Pub Kzi Bar, Barrio Ingles, Coquimbo, Chile


Amsterdam, NL


The Morales & CharlesBlack

Escuela Moderna de Música, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile



Lastest video is out!

J.P. Krom - Abstract Illusion Of An Existence (Live)

"Abstract Illusion of an Existence" for Piscis, played live for the opening show for Moonspell, in 2023 in Santiago de Chile. This is this the second song of the coming up live EP called "Tower of Illusion Live", available on June the 13th of this year.

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Also is a member of this Disabled Musicians NGO

For Session Keys, Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering Services